Thursday, May 6, 2010

What I Had for Supper Tonight ....

Gemelli Pasta with Yellow Squash, Peas and Basil

Just finished eating this, and cleaning up the dishes.
Very satisfying!
I think this would make a great summer dish.
It was quick, easy, and only used one pot.
Would be extra tasty with a grilled chicken breast on the side and a glass of white wine.

Bring it, summer!

Here's the link to the recipe so you can print it easily.

I only used two yellow squashes, and I thought it was more than enough.


Suzann said...

This looks and sounds delish!

Brenda said...

Mmmmm. Sounds good. Come on garden, wouldn't this be good with fresh peas and squash.

Barb said...

Both recipes look delightful! I love anything made with squash - I'm a squashaholic! And the cookies - well, they look soooo good . . . can you tell I am on a diet and haven't had a cookie in months!?

Loving your blog!


Anonymous said...

Jayme had to tell you I made a double batch of the honey cookies this afternoon and tonight my boss from work called and wanted to stop over so we just finished having the cookies with red wine!!! They were so good and would be probably even better with coffee instead of the red wine but my boss sure wasn't complaining!!!! Thanks for the recipe and oh by the way forgot to say I LOVE your new haircut. nancy settel